Cheese FAQ's

What type of clothing should I wear to the workshop?

We will be working with milk, water, and possibly some other liquids that may stain clothing so dress casually and wear comfortable shoes. The temperature of the cheese make room will be between 65F and 72F.


What if I have never made cheese before will I understand everything?

The Basic Cheese Making Fundamentals class is designed with the assumption that participants have never made cheese before. I will spend a good amount of time reviewing all aspects of cheese making for the beginner and will answer any questions along the way to make sure nobody is left behind. One of the reasons for keeping the classes small is to allow for more interaction and questions to make sure everything is understandable.

The Intermediate Cheese Workshop is designed with the assumption that participants have either made cheese before or have previously attended our Basic Cheese Making Fundamentals class. Although we will still review the basic framework for making cheese in some detail,  we will spend most of the time focusing on the individual cheese we are creating. If you have never made cheese before or have not taken our Basic class you are still more than welcome to attend but you might need to pay closer attention during the beginning of the workshop.


What equipment or supplies do I need to bring with me to the workshop?

Absolutely nothing other than an inquiring mind, sense of humor and a taste for good cheese!  We will supply all the equipment, ingredients  and everything else needed for the workshop.


What if I have food allergies?

Please email or call us at least a week before your scheduled workshop date so that we can make sure that we have alternative types of food available to you for lunch. If you are allergic to dairy or milk this is not a good workshop for you to attend.


How do I organize a custom workshop for my group?

Either call us at 585-721-4604 or use the contact page to get in touch with us at least 30 days before your intended workshop date. We will collaborate with you to design a meaningful experience for your particular group. We ask for a minimum of six people attending but no more than ten to make sure that everybody participates in a meaningful way.