Cheesemaking Workshops


We offer various types of workshops designed to provide the home cheesemaker with a path to progressively more advanced cheesemaking. All classes except Cheese Class Express, start at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm. We break for about an hour to serve a delicious lunch. There will be various cheese tastings throughout the day as we talk about different styles of artisan cheese. All cheeses in the workshop are made with store purchased pasteurized milk. Attendees will all receive hands on participatory learning as well as written summaries and recipes.


We are are not going to be holding cheesemaking workshops in 2020. We are selling our home where classes have been held and are moving to Chapel Hill. Once we are settled in and set up, I will begin offering limited small class size cheesemaking workshops. If you are interested in being notified once these workshops are active again, please email me your name, phone number and I will contact you once we are up and running in 2021. Thank you to everyone that attended the workshops over the past 4 years, we look forward to seeing you again in 2021. 

Group Foodie Cheese Class Express

In this abreviated three hour workshop, participants will learn to make fresh style cheese without needing to know all the science behind

Delicious variations of Fromage Facile we make in our Express Class

the process. The cheeses you will be making in this class are delicious and extremely versatile. Since the cheeses can be made in less than an hour, participants will have the opportunity to sample the final result as well get creative with added herbs and spices. This is the perfect class for anyone with a busy schedule that wants an introduction to cheese making. Workshops will take place as various times during the day, please check upcoming class dates for availability and times for 2019 only*.

Workshop attendees will learn the following during the class

  • How to make delicious fresh Ricotta Cheese in less than an hour
  • How to make Fromage Facile in less than an hour
  • Using different herbs, spices and other additions to enhance the cheese flavor and presentation
  • Fun different ways of incorporating fresh cheeses in various dishes
  • The different milk components important to cheesemaking, impacts of homogenization, pasteurization, heat treatment, storage

*After 2019, this class will only be offered as a group custom date workshop with an eight person minimum. Call or email us to arrange the date and time for your group. 

Price $50 per person

Introduction to Cheesemaking 

Get ready to have loads of fun as we introduce you to the fundamental concepts behind cheesemaking. Since the class size is

Tomme Style Cheese aged 9 months

intentionally limited to eight people, everyone will participate in the cheese making process. Learn how to make a traditional aged cheese, 60 minute Fromage Facile, and Ricotta cheese. In this workshop we will review both the theory and practical aspects behind making cheese at home. This will include not only the type of equipment needed and cheesemaking supplies but also how to break down the overall cheesemaking process into easily understandable steps. Additionally, we will have some phenomenal cheeses from local specialty shops and cheese producers for you to sample during the day as we learn about the different styles of cheeses. A delicious complimentary lunch will be served at noon.

The traditional aged cheese will be one of the following on a rotating basis:  Gouda, Tomme Style Cheese, Aged Jack, Hispanico, Manchego, Colby

Work shop attendees will learn the following during the class:

  • Milk components important to cheesemaking, impacts of homogenization, pasteurization, heat treatment, storage
  • Using Calcium Chloride to improve curd strength and yield in store- bought milk    
  • The use of cheese starter culture, types of culture, how to use, where to buy, classifications, impact on type of cheese
  • Milk coagulation process and how it works, the use of rennet and/or acid
  • How the control of temperature, pH and moisture influences the final texture and taste of the cheese
  • Drying out the curds to the appropriate consistency
  • Using cheese presses and molds
  • How to properly age different types of cheeses
  • How to build or create an effective and economical cheese aging fridge

Price $150 per person

Intermediate Cheese Workshop

In this class you will learn to make a more complex style and type of cheese from start to finish. This workshop will review cheesemaking fundamentals learned in the basic class and apply them to the specific cheese we will be creating. In this class we will be spending more time discussing and applying techniques for cutting and drying the cheese curds as well as measuring and controlling variables such as curd temperature and pH. We will also review in more detail the various considerations for final curd moisture, draining, and pressing to achieve the desired cheese texture and flavor. Participants will also learn about the aging requirements for the particular cheese we are making. There will be a number of tastings of various local and imported cheeses throughout the day along with a delicious lunch served at noon. This class will help you take your cheesemaking to the next level.

Each workshop will focus on one of the following cheeses on a rotating basis:

  • Traditional English Cloth Bound Cheddar
  • Tomme style cheese
  • Baby Swiss
  • Gouda
  • Camembert Style bloomy rind cheese
  • English Cheshire Cheese
  • Flavored Jack Cheese
  • Beer Infused Cheddar
  • Gruyere style alpine cheese
  • Manchego style cheese

Price $175 per person

Custom Cheesemaking Workshops for Groups

Group workshops are “whey” more fun! We are happy to design a custom cheesemaking workshop for your group.

  • Family fun
    Milling Cheddar Curds

    Milling Cheddar Curds

  • Bachelorette party
  • Groups of friends
  • Company team building or outings
  • Parties
  • Reunions

Price $150 per person all day class or $50 per person half day Cheese Express min 6 people

Number of Participants