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Second Act Artisan Cheese

Many people find the art of turning milk into cheese perplexing.  However, making cheese at home can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but it requires some background knowledge and hands-on instruction to remove the mystery from the process. Learning from a book or the internet is a good start, but there is no substitute for actually participating in making cheese with someone who has done it successfully for years. In our experience, we have found that with an average kitchen, a little know-how, and some practice, anyone can make delicious cheese at home. Our goal is to provide a fun, informative, and engaging environment for attendees to learn about the art of Cheesemaking.  We intentionally keep classes small so that everyone is able to participate in the process.

Your Cheese Instructor

A number of years ago I decided it would be fun learning how to make cheese, so I attended a weekend cheesemaking class with Jim Wallace, a respected cheese instructor.  After that class, I was totally hooked and so began my cheesemaking odyssey.  During my first year, I made over fifteen different cheeses…with mixed results. Like many novice cheesemakers, I had overlooked the importance of some critical variables such as milk quality, time, temperature, acidity levels, moisture content and humidity, which all impact the  ultimate outcome of the cheese. Not one to give up easily, I took a second cheese making class and it was here I acquired a deeper understanding of these factors and how to control them. Over the course of the next few years the quality, taste and appearance of my cheeses improved significantly. Friends and family are now often asking when the cheeses will be ready to sample and can we bring some for them. I have continued to experiment and refine my process over time, learning from both my successes and failures. In the Winter of 2016, I successfully completed a 60 hour intensive cheese making class at the Sterling College Artisan Cheese Institute in Vermont taught by Ivan Larcher an internationally known expert in artisan cheese making. In April 2017, I completed a ten day advanced cheese making class in Vermont at Westminster Artisan Cheese taught by Peter Dixon. My goal in teaching these workshops is simple: for you to have fun and gain the knowledge to  become an accomplished home cheesemaker.  I hope you enjoy the class as much as I do teaching it. Rich Nathan