Learn To Make Delicious Artisan Cheese in Your Own Kitchen

Foodie Cheese Class Express

This half-day workshop is the perfect foodie experience for anyone with a busy schedule that wants a quick introduction to cheese making. The cheeses we make take less than an hour so participants will have the opportunity to sample the final result as well be creative with added herbs and spices. Perfect class for birthday’s and fun gatherings

Introductory Class: No Prior Experience Needed

Get ready to have “whey” to much fun as we introduce you to the fundamental concepts behind cheesemaking. Since the class size is intentionally limited to eight people, everyone will participate in the cheese making process as we make an aged Gouda, 60 minute Fromage Facile, and Ricotta cheese together.

Intermediate Cheese Workshop

Advance your ability and knowledge! In our intermediate class you will learn to make a more complex style and type of cheese from start to finish. This workshop will build on information from the basic class and apply them to the specific cheese we will be creating. Sample different types of cheeses during our workshop and enjoy a delicious lunch.